Vineeta Singh Net Worth 2023: Monthly Income, Annual

Vineeta Singh Net Worth 2023 : Vineeta Singh is a famous Entrepreneur and successful business woman in the country. She has a famous cosmetic brand “Sugar Cosmetics”, which is gaining lots of success in the market. She is the Founder and CEO of “Sugar Cosmetics”.

Vineeta Singh Net Worth 2022: Monthly Income, Annual
Vineeta Singh

She is a very hard working lady and also a source of inspiration for many women who think they are not able to stand on their own.

Vineeta Singh Net Worth Monthly Income Annual

NameVineeta Singh
Age39 years
Date of BirthIn 1983
Net Worth$14 Million
Monthly IncomeRs 4 Crore
AnnualRs10 Crore

Net Worth of Vineeta Singh in last five years

Vineeta Singh has a net worth of estimated $8 Millions. She is a dedicated and working lady. She has managed all these things very well along with her family and two kinds. She is a strong woman in society.

Let us take a look at her growth in last five years:

2022$14 Million
2021$8 Million
2020$6 Million
2019$3 Million
2018$2 Million

Family of Vineeta Singh

Vineeta Singh Net Worth 2023: Monthly Income, Annual
Vineeta Singh Net Worth

Vineeta Singh, CEO and Founder of the famous Brand “SUGAR COSMETICS” was born in 1983 in Delhi, India. She had Completed his studies from Delhi Public School  and then pursued B. Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Madras.

She completed her MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and then moved to London for her internship and projects. These marketing projects lead her in the line of marketing. Then she learns the strategic way of marketing in New York.

Her father Tej Singh, who was a scientist in AIIMS, Delhi and her mother’s name is not known, is a PhD holder. She has been a very bright student since childhood.

She married Kaushik Mukherjee on 4 December 2011, who was her college mate. This couple is blessed with two sons Vikrant Mukherjee and Ranveer Mukherjee

Net Worth of Vineeta in Rupees

Vineeta Singh has a net worth of (approx) Rs 300 crores. She is a hard working lady and also manges things very well to sustain a life with a bright future for her and her family.

She had launched her brand “ Sugar Cosmetics” in 2015. This brand has reached heights in a short span of time. She is also a big investor in the market of shares. As one of the reports in 2021, sugar has more than 2500 outlets in more than 150 cities of India.

She used to invest in small business ideas of the people and took a big share of their company. She is smart and a business minded person.

Is Vineeta Singh a Millionaire?

Yes, Vineeta Singh is a millionaire with a net worth of $14 million. She works hard to attain success and makes her brand an international brand in a few years. She has achieved many awards for her success.

She is a great inspiration for new, young and growing India. She provides funds and also helps small businesses and also supports those ideas who have deviation to succeed and passion in their ideas. She is very kind and generous to new startups and always ready to help the people.


What is Vineeta Singh Net Worth?

Vineeta Singh net worth of $14 million.

What is Vineeta Singh Net Worth in Rupees?

Vineeta Singh has a net worth of (approx) Rs 300 crores.

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