Narendra Modi Net Worth And Selary, Monthly Incom, Age, Date of Birth

Narendra Modi Net Worth: Prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi is estimated to have a net worth of $100 thousand dollars. Mr. Modi is known for rising from humble beginnings to becoming prime minister of India in 2014.later in 2019 he again won the elections and is serving his second term.

Narendra Modi Net Worth And Selary, Monthly Incom, Age, Date of Birth

He has also served as the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014. He was a member of parliament from Varanasi, Gujarat. He was very kind towards the public of the nation.

Narendra Modi Net Worth And Selary, Monthly Incom

NameNarendra Damodar Das Modi
Age72 Years Old
Date of Birth17th September, 1950
Net Worth$100 Thousand
Monthly IncomeRs 2,80,000
AnnualRs 19,65,000

Net Worth of Modi in last five years

Narendra Modi has established a very generous and real personality in the public. He is a very hard working and well- disciplined politician. He had struggled a lot to reach the position of Prime Minister in the country. As prime minister, he has worked very well and always thinks about his nation before taking every single step.

Let us take a look at his net worth in the last five years:

2022Rs 3.20 crore
2021Rs 3.07 Crore
2020Rs 2.80 Crore
2019Rs 2.50 Crore
2018Rs 2.28 Crore

Family of Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi, a famous prime minister of India was born on 17th of september, 1950 in the Vadnagar, Mehsana district in Gujarat. He belongs to a Gujarati Hindu family. His father was Late Damodar Das Mulchand Modi was a grocer and his mother is Heeraben Modi. He was the third born child to his parents from six children.

When he was young, he used to sell tea in railway stations to help his father in earning money. He is from a poor family and always wants to serve his family. He had done his schooling from Govt. Higher secondary School, Vadnagar, Gujarat. He is an average student but a keen debater in his school. He wants to join the Indian Army and also tries to take admission in Sainik School, but due to his financial conditions, he doesn’t fulfil his wish.

Net worth of Narendra Modi in Rupees

Narendra Modi hasn’t gained much like other politicians and businessmen. He has a net worth of Rs 3.20 crore. Narendra Modi has worked hard to become prime minister of India. In 1989, when he lost his father due to bone cancer, he got into depression, then he went to Kailsah Mansarovar Yatra. He wanted to become a monk in the Ramakrishna Mission. His visa was rejected by the US government in 2005.

Narendra Modi has launched many schemes for the benefit of poor people in the country. He has worked very well in the development of children. He always encourages people of the country to make the development of the country and their own life. He is the most loved and popular prime minister till now. Narendra Modi is a very kind and humble person. Every child of the country always supports and wants to be like him.


What is Narendra Modi Net Worth?

Mr. Narendra Damodardas Modi is estimated to have a net worth of $100 thousand dollars.

What is Narendra Modi Net Worth in Rupees?

He has a net worth of Rs 3.20 crore.

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