Bhuwan Bam Net Worth, Salary, Annual Income, Age

Bhuwan Bam Net Worth: Bhuwan Bam has a net worth of approx $5 million. He is a talented and prominent content creator of youtube. His youtube channel’s name is ‘BB ki Vines’ and has 25 million subscribers. He is also a songwriter, playback singer and actor.

Bhuwan Bam Net Worth, Salary, Annual Income, Age
Bhuwan Bam

Bhuwan Bam Net Worth, Salary, Annual Income, Age

Name:Bhuvan Avnindra Shankar Bam
Date Of Birth:22 January, 1994
Profession:Singer, Comedian, Writer, Actor
Net Worth:$5 Million
Salary:25 lacs
Annual:3 crore


Bhuwan had earned many hearts with his dedication and talent to make everyone laugh on his funny videos. His series ‘Dhindhora’ crossed 400 million + views on Youtube. He has been the richest Indian Youtuber since 2018. Let us have a look at his net worth over the past five years.

2022$4 million
2021$3.5 million
2020$2.7 million
2019$2 million
2018$1.5 million


Bhuwan Bam was the first brand ambassador of ‘Myntra’ and currently he is the ambassador of mivi. Also he promotes other well known brands like, Lenskart, Tissot, Tasty Treats, Arctic fox, Beardo. He started as a Youtuber but now he is a well  known Social Media Influencer, Singer, Actor, Comedian, Comic video creator, Brand ambassador of more that 15 brands.


Bhuwan Bam Net Worth, Salary, Annual Income, Age
Bhuwan Bam Net Worth

He was born on 22 January, 1994 in Gujarati. Bhuwan wants to become a singer but his parents didn’t support at start but in India people think that graduation is important for a bright future. So he started college in Delhi with a bachelor’s in History. 

He started his career on Youtube with funny videos through a channel named BB ki Vines. At the start the response was not appreciative but he didn’t stop even when people advised him to leave this and to change his passion. But Bhuwan didn’t stop and kept focusing on his goal and this took him to the height of success. He is an Instagram Influencer with 14.8 million followers.

Recently he launched his web series ‘ Dhindhora’ and after this Bhuwan won India Television Academy Award in 2022 and surely this will prove to be a huge breakthrough in his career as acting and singing in Indian Cinematics.

BB ki Vines was the first channel to hit 10 million subscribers on Youtube after the T series. He had won the instagram Entertainer of the year award in 2018. 


Bhuwan belongs to a Maharashrian family and he was born in Vadodara, Gujarat. His father’s name is avnindra Bam who is Former Employee at ABBin Faridabad. His mother, Padma Bam is a housewife.

He has one brother named Aman Bam and who is a Pilot by profession.

In COVID-19 pandemic, his parents died and this was informed by bhuwan through his social media account.


Yes, Bhuwan Bam is a  Millionaire with a net worth of approx $5 million and which equals 97 lakhs indian rupees. He is an inspiration for the young generation who are willing to do something out of the box and he is the supporter and role model for raising comediend and content creators on Youtube. Hope he will keep making people laugh with his comedy videos in future also.


What is Bhuwan Bam Net Worth?

Bhuwan Bam has a net worth of approx $5 million.

What is Bhuwan Bam Net Worth In Rupees?

Bhuwan Bam has a net worth of approx 97 lakhs indian rupees.

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