7 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen : If you don’t wear sunscreen, your skin won’t burn. Some people could spend a full day in the sun without ever getting a sunburn. Yet not wearing sunscreen could eventually catch up with you.

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen

7 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen

Although it may not seem so, skipping sunscreen has significantly more negative effects than most people realise. Read about the potential effects of not using sunscreen on your skin.

Tanned Skin

Many individuals are unaware of how quickly skin may tan, and that the more tanning you do, the more it will negatively impact your skin’s health. The epidermal layer of your skin’s melanocyte cells darken, giving the appearance of “tanning” to the skin.

Possible Skin Disease

However, excessive sun exposure and damaging UV rays make it quite likely that one will get skin problems. Skin damage from excessive sun exposure can lead to the development of the skin cancers melanoma and carcinoma. This is just another factor that makes using sunscreen so crucial and potentially life-saving.

Leathery Skin

The skin’s epidermal layer contains melanocyte cells, which give skin its tanned appearance. The lower epidermal layer protects the skin from UV radiation damage as well. As you tan, the upper layer of the epidermis increases while the lower layer pushes cells upward as they retreat to safety like armour. In other words, you are consciously making your skin harder when it gets darker. As a result, some persons who frequently tan develop leathery skin, both physically and cosmetically.


If you have skin that burns easily from the sun, it is almost a given that you have skin damage for every red spot on your body. Most sunburns are light, and they usually cure in a few days to a week. However second-degree burns may occur if you have a bad case of sunburn. If so, the skin below will burn through the epidermis, the top layer of skin. Your skin may blister, scab, and even appear damp, and the level of your dermis may have been severely damaged. If your sunburn is this severe, recovery could take many weeks.

Wrinkles and Dark Spots

Years of not applying sunscreen will literally alter your skin’s texture and feel in a variety of ways. Significant fine lines and wrinkles may develop over time. You could get black spots or discoloration on various parts of your skin.

Extra Moles and Freckles

Although we all naturally have moles, some skin tones are more prone to getting additional freckles or moles as a result of excessive sun exposure. Melanocyte cells clump together to cause this. Fair-skinned people are more inclined to soak up the sun, which can be dangerous if moles develop irregularly.

Early Aging

One of the most obvious consequences of not protecting your skin when basking in the sun is premature ageing. If you repeatedly exposed your skin to the sun’s heated rays over a long period of time, your skin would appear older than it actually was. One of the best tools in your anti-aging toolbox, according to some, is sunscreen.

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